There can be a lot of heat loss through a foundation so it is important to insulate it.
While the foundation edge is often overlooked it accounts for up to 80% of slab heat loss.

Maxraft with their patented system, ingeniously insulate the entire slab, including the edge, with no thermal bridging.

… Where’s Beccote in this story?... Maxraft’s insulated edge is made from Polystyrene that needs to be waterproofed & plastered. We approached Maxraft a few years ago & showed them our mineral pool resurfacing system under our Beccrete brand. They like it, we refined it for Maxraft’s requirements & now we are up & down the country plastering Maxraft foundations.

The major benefit of using Beccrete on Maxraft is the Beccrete plaster system is waterproof without the need to paint it.

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Click here for Beccote specification on Maxraft.




We have been fans of the Macpac Brand for a long time, so just about jumped out of our skin at the opportunity to plaster their shop front in the Plaza at Palmerston North.

Macpac had a clear idea of the type of finish & colour they were after… we added a bit of Beccote magic & created MACPAC WILDERNESS FINISH for them.
They like it, and now we are plastering their new stores across New Zealand & Australia!

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FoxFoxton Floor – Private Customer

An earthquake emptied an indoor swimming pool & damaged the existing floor coverings.

To replace them the home owners wanted something durable, in a tile finish, but with more design flexibility to better match their colour scheme & décor.
We created the perfect finish for them with an overlay.



QueensQueenstown Floor – Private Customer

This floor had to be ground back because of frost damage, revealing the stone in the concrete.

The home owners didn’t want that look, they were after a buffed concrete look with no stone showing. Our solution was to apply a charcoal micro topping finished with a very hard wearing 2- pack urethane.